Welcome to the Chatham Workshop

Thank you for visiting my web site.  I have been making fine furniture for over 30 years. Furniture that I build is custom made and one of a kind.  In my work, I strive to maintain the style and craftsmanship of fine period furniture while building each piece in such a way as to bring out the essence and character of the wood itself.

I have always loved the beautiful, complex grain patterns and colors found in both fine period furniture and also in distinguished modern furniture. Because I do only custom work, I am able to locate and choose small quantities of fine hardwoods that give my customers this distinctive and unusual beauty in the pieces I create for them.  I am proud to say that I have made this my trademark.

I encourage you to browse through the website, and while doing so, think of a piece of furniture that you may need or have always wanted.


Walnut Federal Style Desk
Federal Style Dining Room Table
Walnut Pie Crus tTea Table
Round Tea Table
Walnut Dresser