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Over the next twenty years, I began to study and build furniture, first as a hobby and then as an avocation. I discovered that I could enhance the natural beauty of classic designs by choosing wood for specific grain and coloring which highlighted or blended with the important features in the piece. By incorporating the wood’s individual character into my designs, I can bring out its hidden essence in an art form that is both vibrant and alive.

For the last ten years I have devoted myself full time to my furniture making business where I enjoy  bringing life and beauty into the furniture I make. It is my pleasure to share this with those who also understand and appreciate heirloom  quality furniture.

About Bill

My love of wood and woodworking began as a child learning from my father in his workshop. It was there that I learned the basics of cutting, jointery, and design. I took a hiatus from woodworking when I went off to college and graduated with a BS in Physics and then went on to be a pilot in the US Air Force. After leaving the Air Force, I spent the majority of my working career in manufacturing and engineering.

Early in that timeframe, I was transferred to New Jersey. It was here that I had a house with a basement that enabled me to build a large workshop with the proper tools of the trade. It was also here in the northeastern United States that I got first hand exposure to colonial style architecture, and more particularly, the classic 18th century style of furniture that often graced these homes. The eastern United States also offered a ready supply of the same hardwoods that were used by the original furniture makers.

I am a member of the Society of American Period Furniture Makers where some of my furniture is displayed on their website

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